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Our services comply with the GDPR. We respect personal data and ensure your safety. Easymail answers your questions abour GDPR.


SPF and DKIM configuration. We use the best practises of the marketing to send emails and we configure, for free, the authentication service, in order to decrease the chance that your email will go the spam folder.

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Promote your products and/or services to your contact list. Use the most effective Digital Marketing tool and get t know our Newsletters service. .

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Invest in a one-to-one strategy in order to reach your costumers. It’s easy, quick, economic and rentable. Send SMS and create SMS Marketing campaigns.

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They are very efficient, giving quick answers to any request. In parallel, they develop a quality work with a sense of urgency in the client’s perspective. Our experience with Easymail has focused, mainly, in the creation and development of an electronic newsletter, as well as the refreshment of the image of our newsletter, associated with the change of the company’s corporate brand to Super Bock Group. Briefly, we recommend Easymail for its dynamism, creativity, quality, availability and a true sense of partnership!

- Super Bock Group -

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